Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Potluck BBQ

I joined the "Family Potluck BBQ" organized JCACD( This BBQ was held at River Road Park in Niskayuna. This park is huge and there are playground for kids, basket Cort, base ball field and picnic field. We use big pavilion and BBQ oven. Each of us brought 1 food and I cooked "Inari-sushi (a kind of Sushi)". Other members brought Cheesecake, Salad, Rice ball, Chicken and so on. Children were crazy in playground and they did not care not to eat lunch. During these time, adults ate a lot of foods and drank Sake (Japanese rise wine). I was so happy to eat and drink such a fine day!! About 20 people joined today and I know the most of the people, so I chatted a lot and had a good time.

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