Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cella Bistro (Italian or Frehch)

I had a dinner with my friend at "Cella Bistro (http://cellabistro.com/index.html)" in Schenectady. Inside the restaurant was very elegant and I like these taste. I ate duck and my friend ate mahimahi. The duck was so soft and the combination of source on the duck, which was made by wine, and duck was really amazing. I love duck and ate duck many times but I have a first time to eat such a tasty one. Mahimahi was also nice, especially the texture of side dish (sauteed mushrooms) was excellent! We really enjoyed dinner. Finally, we ate dessert; I ate caramel cheesecake and my friend ate crumble with raspberry. Unfortunately, they were not special (not bad but not good).
Cella Bistro
2015 Rosa Road, Schenectady,
NY 12309
TEL (518)-381-2081

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