Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ragonese Import (Italian Deli)

This shop "Ragonese Import (", is near the St.Peter's Hospital. The shop looks old and very small but many customer come there. One of my friends recommended me to try "Tiramisu" in this shop and I went there. I think Tiramisu are not made in this shop and keep in freezer. The price is $3.99 each and it looks little expensive for me. But taste was delicious! Also, it is put in the glass. This glass is pretty and I love it. I will definitely come and buy this Tiramisu again. Also, I bought tuna salad. This salad was mix with celery and very creamy. I put it in my sandwich and it match very good.

Ragonese Import
409 New Scotland Avenue,
Albany, NY 12208
TEL (518)482-2358

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