Thursday, July 16, 2009

Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary (Cafe)

I went to "Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary(" on the Wolf road. I am really interested in the name of this cafe. Inside the cafe is wide and very cheerful. Of course, there are many kinds of coffee but there are some tea and smoothie. Also, they serve sandwiches, cookies, muffins... This cafe makes me little uncomfortable because customers and shop person talks a lot and little noisy. So, I think it is difficult for me to read a book or write a report in this cafe. however, coffee is good. It is Deep-roasted and I love deep-roasted coffee very much.
Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary
217 Wolf Road Albany, NY 12205
TEL (518)435-0843
M-Th 7am-11pm
Fri.& Sat. 7am-Midnight
Sun. 8am-10pm

1 comment:

Daniel B. said...

I am glad you enjoyed the cafe. It's one of my favorites in the area.

Usually, I go to write, and find that I can stick myself in a corner, and be very productive.

Plus they have plenty of outlets for computers.