Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinner at Cafe Madison

I went to "Cafe Madison(" several times to eat lunch but I have a first time to eat dinner. The atmosphere is completely different lunch time from dinner time. Lunch time is very casual and livery but dinner time is very posh and calm. I like both of them. We ate "Crab cake", "Vegetable spaghetti" and "Duck Ragu". Crab cake was crispy outside and soft inside. The combination was really good. There were many kinds of vegetables in Vegetable spaghetti and it tastes very soft. Duck ragu's taste was little thick for me. Also, the amount of pasta was too much and I took out to my house. During dinner, we talked a lot about our job and study because we have not met about 3months and we had many topic to talk. This restaurant made us relax and we forgot to time. I love "Cafe Madison"!

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