Monday, July 20, 2009

New Chinese market

New Chinese market opened last Saturday at Central Avenue. It is the biggest Chinese market in Albany area, I think. It is big and clean, and these are many kinds of Chinese product. Especially, I like Deli corner and bread corner. Yesterday I only strolled in the market because there were many customers there and it took long time to pass the register. I will go there later again. Unfortunately, there are a few Japanese product there but I like Asian market and enjoy shopping.
Asian Supermarket Corp.
1245 Central Avenue,
Albany, NY 12205
TEL (518)438-8868

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josie said...

I went there last Saturday. It was so crowded and I was stuck on the checkout line for over 30'. The place looks nice, bright and clean. Prices are a few cents cheaper than the Asian Market in Colvin. Hope it stays that way. I like the take-out section too although it's pricier than in the city. You can practically get a meal for 3 bucks in Queens. I remember the other Asian market tried that for a few weeks too but eventually stopped it. I guess it's didn't work out feasibly. I hope this one does.