Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Jonesville Store (Cafe)

I went to get my lunch at "The Jonesville Store(" because one of my friend recommended to go this cafe. It is the one what I imagine the cafe in small American town. It's so cute. They serves sandwiches, bagels, salad, cake and so on. I bought quiche for lunch, Curry chicken salad for dinner, coffee cake for snack and meat loaf doe dinner. Quiche is kind of spinach, cheese and bacon. The pie part was so crispy and I like this texture. I got 1 piece of quiche but I thought I could eat 1 more piece. They have a lot of seats inside and outside the cafe. The terrace seats looks so nice in such a lovely day. Next time, I will stay longer and enjoy the lovely day.
The Jonesville Store
989 Main Street, Clifton Park,
NY 12065
TEL (518)877-0507

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