Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anton's (Greek-American Eatery)

I went to "Anton's(" today at lunch time. I was so surprised because there were many people there. Inside this shop, there are about 5 tables but most of the people took their food out. I ordered "Pork Souvlaki ($6.75)" and "Today's soup(Gambo, $3.25)". Pork Souvlaki was very big, and many pork, tomatoes and onions were served on a pita. I love tzayziki sauce, which tastes like mayo + onion? The people who work in this shop looked very busy and I could not talk with them. I waned to know the ingredients of Greek sweets which were on the counter, and wanted some of them but I could not do. Next time, I will go there except lunch time and want to try Greek sweets!
577 New Scotland Avenue,
Albany NY, 12208
TEL (518)453-9191

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