Sunday, May 24, 2009

Indian Dessert

I went to Indian Bazaar( today because I really want to look for "Ras malai", which I ate last night. There were 2 kinds of Ras malai there. One of them was frozen ($9.00) and the other was mixed powder ($1.69). I bought mixed powder. I made it after returning my apartment. It took about 30 minutes and the taste was the same as yesterday's. I was so surprised and was happy!! Also, I bought "Mango juice" and "Gulab Jamun" there. This shop fascinated me so much.


Daniel B. said...

It's a great store. One of the owners/managers once gave me a lesson about how a brand of spices sells very well because it has a picture of a god on the package.

Apparently if you are choosing between two different brands of spices, and one has god, and one doesn't, more people choose god.

Good to know.

Mari said...

Thank you for good information.