Saturday, May 16, 2009

Greek Festival at St.Sophia

I went to Greek Festival( at St.Sophia today. There were so many people. At first, I strolled in the market place, where there were many kinds of Greek goods. Then, I bought Gyros ($7) and saw Greek dance. I love Gyros, especially the source is really tasty and may favorite one! Next, I bought some kinds of Greek sweets and Fried dough. I wanted to eat them at the inside tables but there were almost occupied, and I went to out and looked for the picnic area. However, today is little windy and I gave up eating outside. Finally, I took all my food to my apartment.
This church is big and there are some church tour today. I saw the inside of the church and it is so gorgeous, so beautiful. I highly recommend to see this church!

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