Saturday, May 2, 2009

Capital Q (BBQ)

I went to buy my lunch at "Capital Q (" today. This shop is famous as "The best of BBQ in 2008". The shop in small but there are some chairs to eat there. I bought "Capital Q Pulled Pork ($8)" by the plate, which comes with the choice of 1 side dish, cornbread and coleslaw. I selected Fried Okra as a side dish. I am familiar to eat okra but I have a first time to eat fried okra. It likes a snack and I love it. The pork was with spicy vinegar sauce and this is little spicy for me. The amount of this lunch was too much for me and I could not eat all of them. Other meats, such as chicken, yard birds and beef, also sounds good. I will try later.

Capital Q
329 Ontario Street,
Albany, NY 12208
TEL (518)438-7675
Mon.-Thur. 11am-9pm
Fri.&Sat. 11am-10pm
Sun. 11am-8pm

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