Monday, May 18, 2009

Dinner with My Friends

I had a dinner with my friend who will return to Japan next month. We went to "Barcelona(". This restaurant is near SUNY uptown campus but many of my friends do not notice it. Today, I ate "Chicken Paella" and my friends ate "Seafood pasta" and "Pork Mediterranean". As for the Paella, the texture of rice were perfect and Chicken was so nice. As for the seafood pasta, we can choose red or white source. There were many seafood on the pasta and it looked difficult to eat. As for the Pork Mediterranean, Basil and olive oil source were put on the pork, and it make me so hungry.
Some of my Japanese friends graduated this semester and they will return to Japan. I am so sad on this summer...

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Josie said...

How was the seafood? I had the seafood paella there it was overcooked that they've become tough and tiny. Aside from that, the rice was practically tasteless. The pork mediterranean was very good though. One other thing, the bar was right in the dining area and the whole place was so noisy we could barely hear the server when he was reciting the specials.