Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My B-Day #1 "Interview"

Happy Birthday to Me! Yesterday (May 11th.) was my Birthday. There were many events for me.

In the morning, I went to Union College(http://www.union.edu/). One of my friends teaches advanced Japanese class and the final project of her class is "talk with native Japanese", so I and other 2 Japanese joined her class and talked with students. I talked with Jacky, whose major is East Asia literature, and she went to Japan as a exchange student last year, so her Japanese was really good. Other student I talked with was Jeff, whose major is molecular biology, and he also went to Japan as a exchange student last year. Our topic were "Why did you come to the U.S.?", "What are you doing now?", "Are their any difficulties living in the U.S.?" and so on. We talked for about 30 min. and I enjoyed very much.

Their passion of Japanese influences me so much!

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