Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tea mania

After coming the U.S., I became a tea mania. I can drink good coffee anytime everywhere in the US but it is difficult to drink good tea. So, I looked for good tea house and found. My favorite tea house is "The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company(". I went there today. The owner has a lot of knowledge about tea and she recommends some teas which I am interested in.
Today, I asked to refill "Raise (This is black tea and I drink it in the morning. $5.75/20 oz)", "Earl Grey de la Creme (This is vanilla flavored black tea. $5.75/20 oz)" and "Peach Melba (This is also peach and raspberry flavored black tea, and it is good for ice tea. $3.50/0.5 oz)". Moreover, I bought "Lichee Scented (This is lichee and grapefruits flavored black tea. $2.75/0.5 oz)" and "Tropical Fantasy (This is flavored green tea. $3.00/0.5 oz)".
I drink tea before going to school and take tea in my pot every day. Also, I drink tea in the dinner and keep ice tea in my refrigerator!


Albany Jane said...

The Good Leaf is my favorite tea shop! I will have to try the Peach Melba. Tropical Fantasy and Lichee are two of my (many) favorites.

Mari said...

Albany Jane,
Do you have any kinds of tea which you recommend?

Albany Jane said...

I also love, love, LOVE the Sweetheart Red Rooibos and creme brulee black tea.

The Sweetheart Red Rooibos tastes very rosey, sweet, and even has candy hearts in it. It also has no caffiene, so I can drink it any time of the day.